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Worst possible news

Posted by Dave @ 3:51 pm

It is with great sadness that I report that John Steakley passed away yesterday, 10/27/2010, after a long illness.

John’s obituary in the Dallas Morning News


Hold the Presses! Steakley is going to be at ConDFW on 2/20-2/22!

Posted by Dave @ 5:43 pm

After a protracted series of health problems, John Steakley will be in attendance at ConDFW in Dallas on February 20-22nd, 2009. More information at


The Board is Now Open

Posted by Dave @ 1:02 pm

The Board is open again. The chat room is gone for good, at least until we get a new chat system.


Forum and Chat Room Closed

Posted by Dave @ 2:37 pm

Unfortunately, I have to close the board and chat room for a while. I don’t know exactly how long it’ll be, but if you’d like to be emailed when they’re open again, send an email to me at


Custom Rank for Johnny Cat

Posted by Dave @ 11:44 am

Longtime reader and board regular Johnny Cat, has become the very first of the Lost Boys to post more than 600 messages on the bulletin board. You may be thinking, what? 600 messages? But most of them are inane, senseless ramblings.

That’s besides the point. He’s done 600 posts, and earned a custom rank.

So come to the bulletin board, where the action is fast and furious, and vote for Johnny’s custom rank!

Steakley will be at Libertcon in July!

Posted by Dave @ 11:42 am

John Steakley will be Master of Ceremonies at Libertcon this July. Check it out at Libertycon’s Official Site!

There? You guys happy now? I’m posting news.

What the Hell’s Going on Around Here?

Posted by Dave @ 11:41 am

A lot of people… well, some people… okay, fine, one annoying jerk, has been asking why I haven’t updated the front page in a long time.

The short answer is, there hasn’t been a whole lot of news.

The longer answer is, there hasn’t been a whole lot of news. Steakley appeared at ConDFW V, which I probably should have announced, but I assumed everyone kind of assumed that. He’s still working on Armor 2. I hope to get a BIG chunk of pages to post here, and he’s promised to give them to me, but it’s taking a lot longer than I thought (obviously).

Anyhow, my apologies. I promise to announce all future con appearances.


More Op-Ed Pieces

Posted by Dave @ 3:51 pm

The other 2 op-ed pieces are up now in the Lost Writings section. At ConDFW, Steakley gave me another 20 pages of Armor 2, I hope to have them up soon.



Posted by Dave @ 3:46 pm

Years ago, Steakley found a fragment of a novel called Gabriel he’d never finished, and he gave it to me. At the last chat, finally, he gave me permission to share it with all of you. I’ve renamed the Op/Ed section to Lost Writings. Gabriel’s there now, eventually it’ll include all of John’s out of print short stories, the op-ed pieces he’s given me, and Gabriel, for as long as he’s willing to let it sit here.


Don’t Forget: Condfw IV

Posted by Dave @ 11:47 am

Once again, John Steakley will be appearing at ConDFW, this year held from February 25-27 at the Raddison in Richardson, TX.


Chat transcript now up!

Posted by Dave @ 2:38 am

There was a chat w/ Steakley on December 17th, and the transcript is now up in the Interviews section (at the bottom). Steakley tells jokes, gives permission for me to post part of Gabriel, a novel he started years ago but never finished, and we discuss his op/ed pieces.


Another New Section!

Posted by Dave @ 4:36 pm

John’s written some Op/Ed pieces for his local paper. Generous guy that he is, he’s given me permission to post some of them! 2 of them are up RIGHT NOW, in the Op/Ed section.


New Armor 2 Information Section

Posted by Dave @ 5:12 pm

There’s a new Armor 2 section, including a new, larger preview from Steakley himself! All future information on Armor 2 will appear there.


More Armor 2, Coming Soon!

Posted by Dave @ 2:58 pm

Steakley has sent me a big chunk of Armor 2 (about 5 times as big as the previous excerpt). As soon as I get that scanned or retyped, I’ll be posting that right here, in the new Armor 2 section that I’m going to put together.

He’s also passed along some op/ed pieces he wrote for his local paper. I’ll put those up for anyone who wants to read ‘em.


Bad News… Steakley will NOT be at FenCON

Posted by Dave @ 4:15 pm

Sadly, I have heard today that due to unforseen circumstances, Steakley’s appearance at FenCON is cancelled. No word yet on whether ConDFW is on or not.


Fencon is this Friday

Posted by Dave @ 4:03 pm

Last warning, fans. Steakley will be at Fencon this coming weekend, 9/24-9/27, in Dallas, Texas. More information at


The Contest IS LIVE

Posted by Dave @ 1:07 pm

The Review Contest has begun! We have collected 10 book recommendations from fans, and placed them in the Buy Stuff section. Let’s see whose entry proves the most popular!


Still 3 entries short for the review contest…

Posted by Dave @ 2:45 pm

Alright, gang. I’ve got 7 entries for the review contest. I would like 3 more, but I’m only going to give it another week. So deadline for entries is noon (eastern time), July 30th. Once again, the prize will be a $10 amazon gift certificate. Check the entries in the Books section of the bulletin board for more details.


ConDFW 4 is not dead

Posted by Dave @ 9:44 am

ConDFW 4 is a reality! There’s finally a poster up at

No word of a Guest of Honor yet, though, and I haven’t heard whether Steakley will be attending.

Steakley IS, however, a confirmed guest at Fencon this year.

Review Contest Update

Posted by Dave @ 9:43 am

We have 7 entries so far for the First Ever John Steakley Official/Unofficial Page Contest. See the Books section of the message board for more details.